Beginning Web Programming with HTML XHTML and CSS PDF

Ebook Begining Web Programming with HTML XHTML and CSS 832 pages (PDF). Content the Book as:

  • Chapter 1: Untangling the Web
  • Chapter 2: The Structure of a Page
  • Chapter 3: Links and Navigation
  • Chapter 4: Colors, Images, and Objects
  • Chapter 5: Table
  • Chapter 6: Forms
  • Chapter 7: Frames
  • Chapter 8: Deprecated and Browser-Specific Markup
  • Chapter 9: Cascading Style Sheets
  • Chapter 10: More Cascading Style Sheets
  • Chapter 11: Page Layout
  • Chapter 12: Design Issues
  • Chapter 13: Modularized XHTML and Serving Multiple Devices
  • Chapter 14: Learning JavaScript
  • Chapter 15: Creating a JavaScript Library
  • Chapter 16: Taking Your Site Live
Ebook Begining Web Programming with HTML XHTML and CSS Beginning Web Programming with HTML XHTML and CSS PDF

This book is written for anyone who wants to learn how to create Web pages, and for people who might have dabbled in writingWeb pages (perhaps using some kind ofWeb page authoring tool) but want to really understand the languages of the Web to create better pages.

More experiencedWeb developers can also benefit from this book because it teaches some of the latest technologies, such as XHTML, and encourages you to embraceWeb standards that not only meet the needs of the new devices that access the Web, but also help make your sites available to more visitors.

You do not need any previous programming experience to work with this book—even though these big redWrox books are published under the trademark Programmer to Programmer (because the books are written by programmers for programmers). This is one of the first steps on the programming ladder. Whether you are just a hobbyist or want to make a career ofWeb programming, this book will teach you the basics of programming for the Web. Sure, the term “programmer” might be associated with geeks, but as you will see by the end of the book, even if you would prefer to be known as aWeb designer, you need to know how to code to write great Web sites. (Author : Jon Duckett)

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